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Awakened Bellydwellers book

Awakened Bellydwellers book

Awakened Bellydwellers.cBobbie Barton
Awakened Bellydwellers
Author: Bobbie Barton
Number of Pages: 440 pages
Published Date: 30 Jun 2008
Publication Country: Bloomington, United States
Language: English
Format: PDF
ISBN: 9781434380104
File size: 37 Mb
File Name: awakened.bellydwellers.pdf
Download Link: awakened bellydwellers

During the twenty-first century many nations acquired the capability of detonating nuclear weapons. They proceeded to do so indiscriminately. The surface of the planet Earth became a desolate wasteland. The population of the planet was halved. The government of the United States moved underground. From the safety they achieved they attempted to rectify the situation. An entire generation grew up in an artificial environment. Three young Bellydwellers became curious about life topside. They ventured above ground and met their counterparts. Bart, Mitch, and Georgie joined the Topsiders to unseat the governing body that wasn't bringing any relief to the people living in peril on the surface of the Earth. The Reactionaries Against the Destruction of Society, RADS, mounted a successful crusade to wrest the power from the incumbents. They set in motion the programs that would destroy the enemies and restore the air and water to a useful condition. All progressed well until other nations became greedy for the economic and political power that America had regained. All Hell broke loose and the government was once more buried underground. The three Bellydwellers who had supported the RADS in their bold endeavor now sought a solution to Earth's problems out in the universe. They boarded a spacecraft whose mission was to seek a planet where they could begin a new life. AWAKENED BELLYDWELLERS tells the story of the lives three young adults who were determined to create a good environment for all mankind.

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